Photo In the footsteps of primitive people : where to meet them

In the footsteps of primitive people : where to meet them

For ages, there have been peoples called "primitive" because of their ancestral way of life. There are different interesting aspects of the way they live: isolation, hostility and a certain difficulty of progressive adaptation.

Although many rules and principles have been established over the years, these people prefer to stick to their cultures and their daily habits. That is why they are called primitive, because they represent the past, a past that is far back and so different from today's world worth seeing. Living like in the sixteenth century, these people still exist even if they represent only a small number.

Discovering some primitive people

These archaic people are not in a particular country. Moreover, even in developed countries there are such people; they have their own customs and values. In order to determine their location and obtain a brief description, let's discover some of these primitive people: ­

  • Kazakhs: living in Central Asia, this group of Muslim people is in an area between Siberia and the Black Sea. Their main food is eagle, and that is part of the traditions of these people. ­
  • The Huli tribe: made up of three million people, this tribe of New Guinea is known for their battles (for land, food and women). ­
  • Maori: has a unique language and a mythology, this people of Eastern Polynesia (New Zealand) is also endowed with a traditional culture mastering art, dance (especially the haka) and tattoos. ­
  • Tsaatan: reindeer people located in the far north of Mongolia, they continue to perpetuate the prehistoric way of life. Reindeers are a big part of their daily life because the population raises them, eats them and even drinks their milk. ­
  • Nenets in the Arctic: the initiator of the farming of the planet, these people preserve the typical ancestral way of life. Each year, they move their camp at least 50 times and survive at a temperature of -50 ° C. ­
  • Masai from Kenya and northern Tanzania: a primitive population of pastoralists and semi-nomadic warriors from East Africa, they belong to the group of Nilotic societies.

Beliefs and customs of primitive people

Primitive people have their own cultures and values; however, there are aspects of beliefs and customs they share. One of the common aspects in terms of religious behavior of archaic peoples is rituals or ritual actions.

These rituals are performed to protect oneself from harm, to mark a change of cultural status or during important events such as birth, puberty, death and marriage. On the other hand, they believe in divine beings, superior beings endowed with a sacred power.

They contemplate them to admire their powers, to give them thanks, and also to ask for something. Finally, there are various sacred places in each tribe or localization of these people. In these places, it is important to respect the pre-established rules to avoid bad spells.

Living like prehistoric people

Why not try to live with these populations that represent our origins? Moreover, it is one of the best experience that only a few people can enjoy.

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