Photo Indonesia : the remote places to visit

Indonesia : the remote places to visit

Indonesia : the remote places to visit

Indonesia is one of the commonest destinations of international tourists. This is because of various adventures that the country gives to visitors from all around the world. Indonesia has a variety of attractions that inspire many people from outland countries. It also presents uncommon amazing places to see during the visit on holiday. Here are some of the remote places to visit in the country.

Kei Islands

Kei Islands are composed of a group of islands in the Southeastern part of Maluku Island, in Indonesia. The place is well-know with its various spices. But it also allows people to discover many interesting things that should not be missed during the stay in Indonesia. The place gives several activities to visitors like:

  •  Walking around to experience the wonderful nature 
  • Canoeing to see the amazing bays and shorelines 
  • Kite surfing to enjoy the fresh air and floating on the wonderful waves 
  • Playing in the blue greed ocean 
  • Having fun at the stunning beaches


Sumba is a very mysterious region in Indonesia. Skull trees are one of the best wonders that make the village famous. This place has much to offer in reason of holidays or tourism.

So it is better to hire a tour guide if you want to know more about the place. Travel agencies like eDreams can help you find a guide for your visit. Here are some activities that you can do in Sumba: 

  • Walking and surfing at the beaches: As visitors see, Sumba's beaches are the best in Indonesia. They are good places with fresh air, white sand and blue water. 
  • Visiting dramatic limestone and amazing cliffs 
  • Visiting national reserves to discover unusual animals and plants, and romantic waterfalls 
  • Visiting historic places Note: Be careful of crocodiles while walking or playing at the beaches.

Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat is well known for its diving adventures thanks to a variety of amazing underwater creatures. You can visit it almost in all seasons of the year. The place presents most of the interesting marine species. These include fish, coral and other animals and plants. This is a really wonderful place to experience for divers.


If you want to discover beautiful traditional palaces and old temples, go to Solo. There are two royal palaces in Solo, Pura Mangkunegaran and Kasunanan Palace. Solo is also the place of different cultures like, crafts, traditional music and dance and many other cultural events.

Traveling to Indonesia to discover remote places

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