Photo The primitive people still living isolated

The primitive people still living isolated

The primitive people still living isolated

It may seem weird but primitive people still exist and they live in a world apart. Now, we are just too busy connecting with others by using technologies. Nevertheless, somewhere people live and don't seem to be interested in any form of civilization at all.

Who are they?

They gather in tribes living on the rainforests and avoid contact with modern civilization. These people have a natural way of life: hunting, gathering and fishing. There are still many tribes of primitive people; here are five of them who still live isolated. 

  • The Sentinelese: The most famous primitive people still living now, they live in North Sentinel Island in India. They do all things to avoid contact with civilization. Even if they don't master making fire, they are able to make bows and arrows. No later than in 2006, they killed two fishermen who approached their territory too closely. 
  • The Korowai tribe: Located in Indonesia, they are still using stone tools and are living in a treehouse. They avoid contact with the outside world because they believe that if their natural lifestyle is neglected, the entire world will disappear because of a giant earthquake. 
  • The Mascho-Piro tribe: A Peruvian tribe, they are the softest and most friendly primitive tribe that exist. There are many tribes in Peruvian forests and the government watches that they are not exposed to any danger. However, petroleum activities and deforestation threat their exposition. 
  • The Pintupi aboriginals: Composed by nine (9) people, it's a tribe of hunters-gatherers living in Gibson Desert in Australia. Their first contact with another tribe was in 1984 while they were reluctant but the other tribe made them feel comfortable and they kept the contact. Then, they began to live together. However, one of the brothers couldn't stand and left the tribe to live in the desert, all by himself. 
  • The Man of the Hole: Inside the Brazilian rainforests, there's a man who lives alone, without contact with anyone. Building huts with palm trees and digging five-foot deep rectangle holes in the middle. Researchers said he is probably the last member of an ancient tribe.

How can they live without modern civilization?

Most of them live on the rainforests. Living a quiet life where the gathering and the hunting are their main livelihood. Rainforests protect them from modern life.

Often, they choose to not be contacted by civilization because they know that they will disappear; they intend to live their natural lifestyle. Mostly, fear is what motivates them to avoid contact. It's because of their stories during centuries that their tribes had been murdered and enslaved by outsiders.

Some of them are living isolated because they are too primitive to know and accept civilization. For example, the Sentinelese who have already killed many times because new people are not acceptable neither is behavior change.

Looking for past memories

Even if some of them are unreachable, there are some tribes, which accept contact with people from outside, provided the latter does not plan to hurt them or their cultures. If you want to discover these cultures, here is a piece of advice for you : go to an online travel agency.

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Despite our modern lifestyle with internet, some people are not interested and even avoid to get in contact. It may not be because their way of life is inappropriate; it shows that ancient cultures can survive through the time. So, get in contact to the nature, it will refresh you and reset your inner force.